The new Highland Park Whisky Shop

The new Highland Park Whisky Shop in Kirkwall hopes to improve the distillery’s presence in the town centre, and benefit from the regular footfall of tourists who visit the Orkney Islands, but cannot always make the short trip to the distillery itself. Aptly opened on the 8th of May, which is International Viking Day. This day is regarded as the date when Viking ancestors would shed winter clothing and prepare their ships for the year ahead – fitting for a distillery and location steeped in Nordic history.

The shop features a varied array of merchandise, including clothing, glassware, artwork and, of course, whisky. There are also features about the distillery’s history and influences.

This impressive collection of photographs are the copyright of budding photographer and professional sand sculptor, Kia Mitchell, with the help of her assistant, Pedro M, whilst on holiday. Thank you, guys!

The Standing Stones of Stenness

Scara Brae

The Bay of Skaill

7 thoughts on “The new Highland Park Whisky Shop

    1. Aye, my Ma grabbed me a ‘Ness of Brodgar’s Legacy’ 12 YO. Nice idea by HP – some of their releases are a bit gimmicky, but I think this expression has a nice back story, plus they’re gifting a donation towards the archaeological dig with every bottle purchased.

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      1. Nice! Look forward to the tasting notes. We bought the Orkneyinga release when at the distillery last year – similar story in that its – 46% 12yo with a proportion of the cost going towards the Orkneyinga Saga museum project.

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      2. That’s awesome, I hadn’t heard of the Orkneyinga release. Just reading up on it now. Really enjoy the history – now down the rabbit hole reading about Orphir Round Church! Thanks for the info!

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